Injuries or death in Chula Vista caused by automobile defects occur too often. Auto defects in the construction, operation, and computer systems within cars are often to blame for serious injuries, and even deaths in Chula Vista. Specific defects include some of the following

  • Airbag defects which fail to deploy or deploy at the improper time.
  • Defective braking systems that fail to prevent the car from stopping
  • Lack of roof supports which would cause otherwise preventable injury in roll-over crashes.
  • Sticking pedals used for acceleration that do not function as intended and cause unexpected acceleration
  • Tire blowouts from defective tires that have separated from the tread

If you’ve been injured as the result of an accident that you think was caused by an automobile defect, contact Chula Vista Legal Center today. Our award winning personal injury firm has helped many victims of auto defect injuries to receive the compensation they need and deserve.

FAQ’s About Automobile Defects


Q: What is an Auto Defect?

A: When a defect in the design, construction or manufacturing of a car causes an accident resulting in injury to the driver or passengers in the vehicle, this is often considered an auto defect liability case.


Q: What should I do, if I believe my car had a defect leading to an accident and injury in Chula Vista?

A: At Chula Vista Legal Center, our experts will inspect the vehicle, survey the road conditions, and the following to determine fault: Design Defects, Component Defects, and Manufacturing Defects.