Q: What is an Auto Defect?

A: When a defect in the design, construction or manufacturing of a car causes an accident resulting in injury to the driver or passengers in the vehicle, this is often considered an auto defect liability case.

Q: What should I do, if I believe my car had a defect leading to an accident and injury in Chula Vista?

A: At Chula Vista Legal Center, our experts will inspect the vehicle, survey the road conditions, and the following to determine fault: Design Defects, Component Defects, and Manufacturing Defects.

Q: What causes aviation accidents in San Diego County?

A: Weather and mechanical error can be a cause for a plane accident, but pilot error accounts for about 50% of the causes for plane crashes. Pilot errors include loss of control, impairment, distractions, fitness for duty, and procedural compliance.

Q: What is the statute of limitations for bike accidents in Chula Vista?

A: The statutory period for a person involved in a bicycle accident to file a claim is 2 years. If the lawsuit to seek damages isn’t filed within that period, a judge may deny the claim.

Q: What are the FMCSA Hours of Service (HOS) regulations in Chula Vista?

A: These are strict regulations that dictate how long the drivers of passenger-carrying vehicles and property-carrying vehicles may drive without a rest or “off-duty” time. The regulations are specific and must be adhered to, ensuring both public and driver safety.

Q: Am I required to wear a lifejacket while boating in San Diego County?

A: Adult boaters are not required to wear a life jacket while on the water. However, every boat is required to carry one size-appropriate, easily accessible life jacket for each passenger.

Q: Are there penalties for boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs in North San Diego County?

A: Yes. Penalties for BUI are very serious and can include: large fines, revocation of boat operator privileges and jail time.

Q: Are pipeline markers always placed on top of the actual pipeline?

A: Pipeline markers in San Diego County are used to show the approximate location of the pipeline and can’t be relied on to show exact location.

Q: Can first and second-degree burns cause complications?

A: Yes. First and second-degree burns carry the risk of causing an infection like Sepsis (an infection in the bloodstream) as a result of bacteria entering through the broken skin.

Q: How do chemicals enter the body?

A: In most cases chemical toxicity occurs through skin contact, ingestion, inhalation and eye contact.

Q: How is chemical toxicity measured in San Diego County?

A: The toxicity of a substance varies from chemical to chemical, but largely depends on: how much of the substance is absorbed into the body, the chemical structure and the body’s ability to eliminate the substance from the system.

Q: How long does it take for a toxic side effect to appear?

A: This will vary. Some side effects may appear immediately after initial exposure in Chula Vista or greater San Diego. Conversely, side effects may take several years to appear.

Q: What are common types of burn injuries in Chula Vista?

A: Burn injuries include chemical burns, extreme or excessive sun exposure, result from faulty ovens, stove, furnaces, microwaves, poor electrical wiring, poor building or home maintenance, scalding from hot liquids/foods, and more.

Q: What makes a chemical toxic?

A: Chemicals are toxic if they have the ability to cause harmful effects to the human body. Toxic effects can be visible (like a sore, burn or blister) or measured with a test (using a blood test, MRI, x-ray).

Q: Can I be compensated for an injury from a car accident in Chula Vista?

A: California law provides for compensation for lost wages, medical bills, medication costs, pain and suffering, permanent disfigurement, physical impairment, loss of consortium and other reasonable damages in order to put you back as closely as possible to the place you were before the injuries.

Q: Should I accept a settlement offer from my insurance company, or the other driver’s insurance company if I’ve been injured in an auto accident in Chula Vista?

A: Be wary when dealing with an insurance company. Seeking professional advice from an accident attorney in Chula Vista before accepting any settlement offers is the best way to attain what is fair and reasonable for your car and your bodily injuries. Insurance companies make their money by collecting premiums and paying as little claims as possible….

Q: Should I take pictures of my Chula Vista auto accident?

A: Yes! Take pictures as both, or all, cars come to rest after the accident. Capture any relevant street signs, landmarks, vehicle positioning, vehicle damage (of all vehicles) and any injuries. Photos may become important if there’s any discrepancy as to whose fault it is and/or what damages each party sustained.

Q: What if I need medical attention after a car cash in Chula Vista?

A: Always seek immediate treatment immediately if you’ve been injured in a car crash in Chula Vista. As soon as you are able, contact a trusted San Diego County auto accident attorney for counsel and advice on how to best proceed with your case and any injuries you have sustained.

Q: Can OSHA issue construction workplace citations?

A: Yes. OSHA will, and does, issue citations for workplace violations in Chula Vista. A few of the most common construction violations citations are for head protection, fall protection and scaffolding.

Q: What causes Construction Site Injuries in Chula Vista?

A: Injuries on construction sites result from many dangerous conditions including: contact with hazardous materials, carbon monoxide poisoning, electric shock/electrocution, falls, improper use of protective equipment, machinery accidents, repetitive movement accidents, scaffolding collapses, being struck by an object, trench collapses and more….

Q: What is OSHA?

A: OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a federal agency under the US Department of Labor. OSHA’s main focus is to protect workers and ensure workplace safety with training, outreach, education and assistance.

Q: What steps can I take to help prevent construction falls?

A: Studies have shown that using safety nets and body harnesses, installing guardrails and control line systems, covering up floor holes and using aerial lifts can help prevent serious and fatal construction site falls.

Q: What is a defective product?

A: A defective product may be something as seemingly harmless as a baby or child’s toy, or may include vehicles of all kinds, prescription medications, food items, household appliances, tools, medical devices, heating and cooling systems, and many other commonly owned products frequently cause harm to the average consumer.

Q: Who is responsible if I am injured by a defective product in Chula Vista?

A: The sellers, distributors, and manufacturers of these defective products can legally be held accountable for their negligence, breach of warranty, defect in design, improper labeling and much more.

Q: Are dog bite injuries covered under a homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policy in Chula Vista?

A: Many homeowners’ insurance policies in California provide coverage for injuries sustained after a dog bite, but not all.

Q: Is there a statute of limitations for reporting dog bites?

A: If you have sustained an injury from a dog bite in Chula Vista or anywhere in the State of California, the statute of limitations is two years from the date of occurrence If you have sustained an injury, it is best to file your case as soon as possible. By filing early, you preserve evidence and increase the likelihood of receiving your settlement …

Q: How do I know if I’ve been a victim of food poisoning in Chula Vista?

A: Symptoms from diseases resulting from food poisoning in Chula Vista include: diarrhea, flu-like symptoms, gastroenteritis, kidney dysfunction, liver problems, nervous system problems, breathing/respiratory difficulty, nausea and stomach pain, vomiting, and weight loss.

Q: Isn’t heating food supposed to kill bacteria?

A: Yes, and no. When food is heated to an internal temperature of 160 degrees F, this is enough to kill parasites, viruses and most bacteria. Unfortunately, there are some types of bacteria that can be killed only after boiling.

Q: How do I know the property owner of a building/business in Chula Vista is responsible for the dangerous condition that led to my slip and fall?

A: A Chula Vista property owner must have been able to foresee the dangerous condition in order to be held liable.

Q: What is considered a dangerous condition in Chula Vista?

A: A dangerous condition in Chula Vista can range from spilled drink on the floor of a public place, to rotting or weakened wooden steps at a house, or apartment. A dangerous condition can be anything that causes injury to another on the property which the property owner should have been reasonably aware of; and the injured victim couldn’t have avoide…

Q: Can I sue for medical bills if I’ve been hit on my motorcycle in Chula Vista?

A: Motorcyclists who have been injured due to another’s negligence or wrongdoing may be entitled to compensation for physical impairments, bodily disfigurement, pain and suffering, medical care, future care, payment for lost wages and decreased earnings ability along with compensation for legal fees accrued in pursuit of justice.

Q: What are common causes of motorcycle accidents in Chula Vista?

A: Motorcyclists are often severely injured, or even killed by others on the road as the result of aggressive driving, wherein a truck or automobile driver tailgates, refuses to let motorcyclists change lanes. In other cases, drivers are distracted via texting, using a phone, eating, or otherwise not paying attention.

Q: What is APS?

A: APS is Adult Protective Services, a county social services agency in San Diego County that, among many other things, looks into reported suspicions of elder abuse

Q: What is domestic elder abuse?

A: Harm or mistreatment of an elderly person in Chula Vista and committed by a close relative (spouse, sibling, child), friend or caregiver.

Q: What is institutional elder abuse in Chula Vista?

A: Harm or mistreatment of an elderly person occurring in a residential facility like an assisted living facility, group home or nursing home in greater San Diego County. The violator is typically the legal or contractual caregiver.

Q: What kind of vehicles can be involved in pedestrian vs. auto collisions?

A: Motorists (often intoxicated), commercial vehicles, semi-trucks, buses, taxicabs and public transportation vehicles can all result in injury to pedestrians in Chula Vista.

Q: Who has the right of way, the pedestrian or the automobile in Chula Vista?

A: In Southern California, pedestrians have the right of way as long as they’re crossing legally and safely, like in a crosswalk.

Q: Can a daycare center in Chula Vista be held responsible for sexual abuse occurring?

A: Yes. In some instances, in addition, other parties such as employers, apartment complexes, businesses, schools or other property owners may be held responsible for abuse. They may have negligently acted, or failed to act, therefore contributing to the sexual abuse.

Q: What are some examples of sexual abuse crimes in Chula Vista?

A: Sexual abuse includes broadcasting sexual acts or history without consent of one of the parties, child prostitution, child sexual abuse, incest, indecent exposure, knowingly/wittingly transmitting sexually transmitted diseases to others, molestation, rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, statutory rape, lewd behavior and more.

Q: What can happen if a victim doesn’t seek legal action against the offender?

A: If legal action isn’t taken against the sexual offender, there is a greater likelihood that they will continue to offend and harm someone else. It’s important for the individual in Chula Vista who committed sexual abuse to be held responsible for the heinous crime they’ve committed

Q: If I’ve been injured in a train accident in Chula Vista, who is responsible?

A: This will depend on specific circumstances involved with your accident. For example, if you are an injured employee of the railroad company, you may have a claim against your employer.

Q: What are common types of train accidents and injuries?

A: Train accidents may result in damage to personal property, derailment causing personal injury to passengers, and release of hazardous products. Trains also may collide with motorcycles, individuals, other trains, or vehicles.

Q: What causes train accidents and injuries in Chula Vista?

A: Train accidents and subsequent injuries are typically caused by equipment malfunction, human error or conductor fatigue, signal defects, or tract defects.