Pedestrians are more vulnerable than their automobile driver counterparts. They don’t have the luxury of seatbelts, airbags or roll bars to help protect them in an accident. Even when a vehicle is driving at a low rate of speed, if it strikes a pedestrian, the damage can be extensive and even fatal. As a result, pedestrians involved in car accidents in San Diego County suffer from a multitude of injuries including:

  • Abrasions
  • Bone fractures
  • Coma
  • Contusions
  • Death
  • Emotional injury
  • Face and neck injury
  • Pelvic injury
  • Serious brain and spinal cord injury
  • Temporary or permanent disability

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FAQ’s About Pedestrian Accidents


Q: What kind of vehicles can be involved in pedestrian vs. auto collisions?

A: Motorists (often intoxicated), commercial vehicles, semi-trucks, buses, taxicabs and public transportation vehicles can all result in injury to pedestrians in Chula Vista.


Q: Who has the right of way, the pedestrian or the automobile in Chula Vista?

A: In Southern California, pedestrians have the right of way as long as they’re crossing legally and safely, like in a crosswalk.